Iron Hearts Roleplay


General Rules

▹ The server is meant for a more mature audience. Our preferred target age is 18+ due to some ongoing mature themes. However, there can be   
    exceptions to this rule.

▹ No hacking or using software/programs that will give you an advantage over other players. This is called exploiting external advantages.

▹ No exploiting bugs or gameplay mechanics that will give you an advantage over other players. This is called exploiting internal advantages.

▹ No harassing the Staff Members or Land Owners for anything.

▹ Be as literate as you can. 1337 [email protected] or chatspeak is unacceptable.

▹ If you allow your friends to play on your account, fine by us, but whatever rules they break are your responsibilities too.

▹ You may only play two characters maximum - if you want to have an additional character, you must kill off or decommission your previous character.

    ▹ You are allowed to play a child avatar, but will not be allowed to participate in inappropriate situations as per the SecondLife Terms of Service.

    ▹ Attempt to look realistic and in-theme of the server.

▹ If you are banned from the server, you lose every right to apply for staff positions, even if your appeal was accepted and are taken back.

▹ You must always comply with the Second Life Terms of Service (TOS) found here.

▹ You must always comply with the Second Life Community Standards (CS) found here.

 And most importantly: Have fun!

Player Code of Conduct

▹ Have common sense. Roleplay when you know you have full control of yourself.

▹ Treat the staff members with respect - they were chosen for their positions of power for their responsibility and maturity. Be civil, even when you feel agitated. It's easier to
    fix things when we can communicate with one another easily.

▹ Treat other players with respect, or the way you want to be treated. 

▹ Treat the sim with respect. If you are rezzing prims to use as props for a scene, please be mindful of the land impact limit of the land and remember to pick them back up
   once the scene is over, unless it is rezzed as decor within your own rented area. A quick note to a Staff Member would be greatly appreciated as well.

▹ Do not spam the chat.

   tHaT aRe DiStRaCtInG. :o)

    ▹ HOWEVER: The usage of tildes (~) are fully endorsed by the staff members.


▹ Do not compulsively swear in OOC - once in a while is tolerable and we understand if you need to use strong language to emphasize a point or to vent, but remember that we
   are trying to create a healthy environment for role-play.

▹ Do not advertise other servers, sites or games. Casual talk about them is fine.

▹ Do not have an argument in public. If needed, handle them in via IMs or via other communication programs.

▹ Roleplaying must happen in local chat with the exception of whispered words to another in IMs.

▹ Warnings and Bans: The server uses a three-strike system.

    ▹ The first time you have had an infraction will result in a warning along with a note in our records.

    ▹ The second time will result in a temporary ban along with a black mark in our records. You may appeal for a shorter punishment or a revoking of the punishment by
        sending a Notecard with your ban appeal to a Staff member.

    ▹ The third will result in a permanent ban.


▹ While this is the general protocol for dealing punishment to those that break the rules, staff members have all rights to modify their punishments according to the situation
    on hand (giving a second warning instead of a temporary ban, or going straight to a permanent ban).

Roleplay Code of Conduct

▹ We highly encourage you to use the complementary RP tool when roleplaying. The tool can be obtained ingame in the welcome card, with instructions on how to use it. 

▹ No powerplaying. Your character has to react realistically according to their age, personality and physical health. (e.g. Don't pretend that you can easily escape from your
   pursuers if they managed to shoot an arrow into your knee and have you cornered.) More on this topic here.

▹ Meta-gaming is not tolerated. This includes spreading IC information OOCly, planning beforehand how something is roleplayed etc. It might be frustrating, but remember  
   that in realistically in those times, most information was passed from mouth-to-mouth. More on this topic here.

▹ You can only roleplay as your own character and cannot speak for the actions of others. The only exceptions are if you are controlling your pets/livestock or children who are  
   not being played by another person.

▹ If you PermaKill or PermaLeave your character, you must fill out a new character application and send it towards a staff member. During this time, please do not go on into
   the roleplay area of the server as you technically do not have a character to play with yet.

▹ Your avatar appearance should match, or is close enough to the description of your character given in your application - if your character undergoes a transformation that
   results in a change of how they look, it should be reflected on your avatar. Use of the complementary Titler is also advised to indicate any changes.

▹ Your character is able to permanently die here: It goes the same for everyone else (even Staff member characters! And, of course, so-called 'invincible' Event-character
   villains - they all have a weakness.) In short, play your cards right, IC-ly.

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