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Police/Military Faction

Civil Protection

Lilith prior to being brought into the fold of the Dominion was policed by an inefficient system of the personal guards of each noble housing acting as the city watch, meaning there was several police forces, independent of themselves, nothing better than armed gangs. Under the Dominion, a proper police force was put in place. The Lilith Civil Protection, a designation reserved for law enforcement forces for metropolitan areas, has proven to be an efficient outfit since its conception. Allegations that due to the high numbers of upstanding and faithful citizens among its ranks lead to undue force in many of their activities are to be ignored. The men and women of the Civil Protection carry out their duties in a correct and honorable manner.

In addition to this, by the grace of our Emperor and his changing of the laws that the addition of courts all over the Dominion, regardless of the wishes of governors or nobles, under the central authority of the Crown Court.

Voltigeurs Guard

Lilith is a city of wealth, commerce, art and opulence and though overall a place of peace, it is almost the greatest jewels that attract the eyes of craven and naves. Pirates, brigands and vagabonds that and sadly is not immune to other threats, such as predators inhabiting the skies. Our glorious Dominion never forgets it citizens and the Voltigeurs Guard was formed to this end. This is you soldier, the best warriors of the faith from across our world and particularly upstanding soldiers of Lilith. Colonel-Commissar Viktor Von Hake holds the command of the guard, answering directly to the Prefect-Bishop and not the Imperial Governor.

1st and 2nd Lilith Winged Regiments

While technically several squadrons of fighter with a few support craft, the unique nature of the city means that they were listed as a regiment of the army. They are highly valued due to the scarcity of such special units; air support without having to send a request to the navy. A squadron is kept in Lilith for protection, the ‘’Sun Hawks’’, made up of the best from both regiments.

Lilith Bersaglieri Battalions

In total, there is seventeen of these battalions, never acting independently but rather are attached to other regiments or army groups when requested. They are made of men and woman who show themselves as adept in agility and movement, owing to illegal but still popular activates such a ‘platform hopping’ and a large parkour movement among the youth of Lilith. They use their rapid mobility means they are used to enact quick strikes on the enemy and rapidly reinforce weaknesses in the battle line, aggressive skirmishers in a manner of speaking.

  • Kori Ransu of the CP unit, Winged Regiment with 3D Maneuver gear.
    Kori Ransu of the CP unit, Winged Regiment with 3D Maneuver gear.
  • Aria Ramiel of the CP unit.
    Aria Ramiel of the CP unit.
  • Riley Simons of the Sun Hawks with Sasha.
    Riley Simons of the Sun Hawks with Sasha.
Kori Ransu of the CP unit, Winged Regiment with 3D Maneuver gear.
Kori Ransu of the CP unit, Winged Regiment with 3D Maneuver gear.

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