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Races of Belamun - it only ends with your imagination

Well that seemed a tab bit mean of him but Dino what are Xeno?

Xeno is a derogatory but official collective term for all non-human intelligent races. This of course includes the myriad of races scattered across the stars but also creatures domestic to Belamun such as elves, dwarves, dragons, fairies, nagas, centaurs.... the list goes on. 

I see, I take it they are not treated well?

That is an understatement. Legally and in the eyes of much of the human population, Xeno are merely animals that can talk, no better that a dog or cat. Even in nation like the Dominion where there is very little civil liberties, the Xeno has next to nothing in terms of rights. Police can simply shoot a Xeno in the street and people passing by wouldn’t even bat an eye and employers, while technically having to give Xeno workers a wage due to the illegality of slavery, can give them as little as they want and simply take it back via methods such as providing run down workers’ housing and charging rent. However, Xeno who are in the military or are veterans get slightly better treatment, a sign of the status of the military in society.

Why don’t they simply rise up against the human’s Dino?

Essentially it boils down to numbers. In the galaxy humanity is a tiny, miniscule thing but in their home of the Dominion, there dominance in the terms of population’s demographics is assured. While the number of Xeno in the Dominion numbers in the tens of thousands; there is billions of humans. Many humans have never even seen a Xeno in person, which of course compounds opinions on them. In addition the sheer size of the military, police and other militant organisations is staggering and for some poor Xeno to even get their hands on some old bootleg rifles is an monumental task in itself. 

But my human character is a pretty nice guy/girl! Must I have such prejudice towards Xenos?

While the conflict between humans and Xenos does exist on Belamun, we do not enforce this prejudice to all characters. It is merely a way to introduce friction and twists within the lore. By all means, your character can be terribly mean or nice to both humans and Xenos, or perhaps a life-changing experience has changed his or her initial assumption about Xenos? The possibilites are never ending.

Well I am all lore’d up. How do I actually go about playing a Xeno?

Two paths are open to you, the path of simply hopping on and roleplaying without an application and the other having to make one. In the first instance this is if your Xeno character has no exceptional abilities that give it great power, for instance, a Neko girl would have slightly better hearing and sight but would be pretty normal bar that, such a character needs no application

However, if your character has powerful abilities or advantages due to their race then an application is needed. Don’t be daunted by this, it is merely so we can have a list of the abilities and biology in order to regulate and keep the roleplay as fair as possible. An example of a character needing an application would be a rhino like race with extreme strength, a horn tough enough to pierce steel plate and thick enough skin to take heavy melee blows and small calibre weapon fire.

Final question Mr. Admin…. I am getting a vibe that we have a lot of freedom in making a Xeno character.

There is great freedom in making any character, this applies to Xeno as well! You can give your character any background you imagine, where they come from, if from space how they got to Belamun and so on. Indeed, if you want, you can create a whole new race for our lore, be a species of fairy or graceful visitors from space: the only limit is your imagination~

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