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Local IC jobs of D'argento Forums

McBride's Pub

This establishment isn’t for those looking to wet their whistle. With not only drink and tobacco but music, dance and plain old conversation, once you find yourself across the threshold, you will be hard pressed to leave. After three fires, one explosion, countless bar fights even one severe case of zombie, this public house may be a far cry from the original small tavern that was brought up on a land crack but the hospitality of the McBride family is one thing that will never change!

((Currently run by Eliwood407 [Alice and father]))

The Cherry Pie Gentlemen's Club

Fancy some of the finest cocktails around while taking in gentle music and regular performances from the finest ladies in the Dominion? Then the Cherry Pie is the place. Sit back and enjoy being the guest of the house of Mistress Regina Simons and take in the beauty of the women of Lilith.

 ((Currently run by Saera [Regina Simons]))

Lilith Medical Practitioner Clinic

While a trip to the doctor’s is never wished for, in the clinic of Lilith you can rest easy knowing you will be cared for. In the capable hands of doctors and nurses drawn in from within and without Lilith, you will be back to yourself faster than you can say ‘’Praise Our Heavenly Mother !’’

((Currently run by Slatur [Slatur Drogma]))

Trundle's Bakery

What better way to start the day other than Mr Trundle's freshly-baked goods and a steaming cup of tea? Mr Trundle's Bakery is here with breakfast, tea time, brunch, at any time of the day!

((Current serving girl played by Darkestlullabye [Victoria Cantwell]))

The Carlton Library

Once known as the Everyman's Palace, this theatre has been the focal point of the artist scene of Lilith for centuries. Now with the theater moved to a much better platform for decades, the site has been renovated to house the biggest collection of books Lilith has to offer. Come enjoy the book and the ambient silence the library provides. The Librarian will always be there to provide a helping hand, be in finding any book from A-Z, or simple there for a nice, quiet chat. Facilities are also provided should you be interested in writing your own book to be added to the library's collection!

 ((Currently not owned))

Coming Soon

The United Clockwork Postal Service

The UCPS is the premier mail service in the Steamlands!  Details shall be posted soon.

((Run by Robotnika [Nika Thought-werk]))

  • Alice the barmaid of McBride's pub.
    Alice the barmaid of McBride's pub.
  • Regina Simons, Mistress of the Cherry Pie.
    Regina Simons, Mistress of the Cherry Pie.
  • Victoria Cantwell, serving girl of Trundle's Bakery.
    Victoria Cantwell, serving girl of Trundle's Bakery.
Alice the barmaid of McBride's pub.
Alice the barmaid of McBride's pub.

All these postings are, by no means, the only IC jobs available for characters. There are still shop lots available for players should they choose to open their own shops, as long as their content fit with the overall theme. Contact one of the admins to discuss such arrangements. Players are also free to assume a certain job even if the line of work isn't physically present. 

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