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Higher Factions

The following factions are those of higher order within the Dominion of Rhineland. Positions within these factions are closed for now, save for the Enginseers, Servitors, and engineers.

The TechGuard of Sibicus

The TechGuard also serves a theological side among its peers in the Dominion's expansive branches. The TechGuard is charged with keeping the flow of technology limited and manageable. The normal and less affluent citizens of the Dominion are limited to running gauntlets to acquire either the rights to manufacture equipment or even simply purchase items deemed advanced by the illusive brotherhood of Sibicus. The Members of this Order strive to keep the purity of machines in the form in which they are designed. Only designs rigorously tested with the upper echelons of the Sibicus data hives, will receive the most holy of blessings to move into production.

The fabrication of new technology is watched zealously by the adepts of the order, anything outside of preordained and blessed is condemned and subsequently destroyed. The TechGuard is zealous in its efforts to ensure its and the affluent body of the Dominions technological gains over the commoners. Whereas the Dominion and its armed forces may be at a certain tier, it's always said that Sibicus and the TechGuard are no less then 50 years ahead or in some cases and situations, eons ahead of its mother state. With watchful circuits and bionics, the greed stricken and overly cautious members of the TechGuard stand firm and zealous in their faith to the Machine Mother, and her holy edicts to protect humanity from itself and the ruinous powers of mishandled technology.


Positions within the Tech Cult



Men of some renown or power, they function in a role similar to a Lord General, only instead of being political figures, they act as scientists and researchers. Usually men of this rank have created an object of valuable importance or are knowledgeable in forge work to craft weapons or armor of unparalleled value and quality.


Usually veteran members of the Tech Guard, they act as leaders and guides to the younger, less advanced members of the Guard. they are the basic building blocks of the TechUnion.


Human Criminals or those unfortunate enough to be forced into service, their minds are wiped cleaned brained augmented with electronic control systems. No longer humans, they are walking machines within a human body, incapable of rational thought outside of what is programmed. They are the basic unit of the Tech Guard.


While not part of the Cult in actuality, their function is to provide additional support to the team they are employed in, performing anything from mundane task, to a slightly more technical role.

Current Status in Lilith:

While their presence are not as prominent as one expect in a place with such technological presence, despite the extensive airship trades and the technology that keeps the platform afloat, the Dominion of Rhineland are working to incorporate at least a small team within the governance of Lilith. This team of assorted Enginseers and Servitors of the Tech Cult, as well as external members hired, specifically engineers, led by one Magos, work in unison to maintain the order of the Technology within Lilith, and to ensure the ancient engines are well-oiled for the years to come. 

Further details can be found here.

Her Holy Inquisition

In no tome in the hands of mortal men will the history of the Inquisition be found, Nor will the writings of men curious of this secretive order shed light on the fathomless dark that it shrouds itself in. The Inquisition of Her Most Holy will, was founded, ages long past, its founding now even obscure to those that carry its iconography, In darkened halls and hallowed fortress do they now reside the men of iron will and unwavering faith. The men and women of the Inquisition are vast and numerous ranging from the simple clerk that tends the the armament requests to the mighty Stormtrooper or member of the hollowed Sturmguard, These vanguards stand as a bulwark against the rising tide of madness and depravity that stand to rot the heart of the Humans empire from within. These sentinels stand watch over the countless billions that go about their lives unknowing of the vigilant protectors that walk among them and above. The Inquisition was founded ages ago with the intention of stopping the spread of corruptible ideals and destructive magics of chaos, Their duty is one claimed from holy directives, their orders coming in theory from the Goddess herself, laid out in mandate to the Grand Master of the Orders. The Inquisition's tactics range from covert infiltration and assassination, to out right military campaigns and conquests. While some generals and commanders of the various forces speak worried warnings of this mysterious and illusive Order, the Church of the One, solemnly supports the fact that the various Ordo's are standing resolute in their duty to protect the masses from the corrupting influence of Chaos. The current whereabouts of the Orders Militant arm has been warped in enigma and sealed within the deep vaults of only accessible to the eyes of the Grandmaster Thrax, stands stoic in his watch over the Dominion, his grizzled eyes and hands directing the countless warriors in service to Her Most Holy Inquisition. The Illusive Order has come into conflict with various factions in the military since its creation, but with the threat of Chaos infestations and the ever looming specter of invasion by the Union's Old Guard, The Inquisition is now needed more then ever, as they watch the stars and hearts of men for the shadow they quest to defeat.

Various Branches of the Inquistion

Ordo Hospitaller

While not part of the military branch of the Order, their main focus is the healing and care of humans and non-aggressive races of the world. They boast one of the most advanced mending and healing abilities of the time. The healers and weavers of the Ordo are some of the greatest the Union can offer, they are solely dedicated to the preservation of life and ensuring harmony throughout the Order and beyond.

Ordo Ordination

Tasked with recruitment to fulfill the Orders ranks, this branch serves strictly as the logistical branch of the Order and takes full care to ensure the replenishment of men and material in the event of cataclysm or merely filling out the ranks. The Ordo relies on its fellow members to support it in any action, all in all, the Ordo is one of scribes, quartermasters and artisans.

Ordo Militant

A branch trained in the arts of combating trans-planes threats and threats from within the Dominion, as well as external threats of the need is dire, most notably they are specialists of the demonic or malevolent kind. They are one of the larger branches of the Order and routinely insert their own members into various forces or battle groups to remain vigilant of covert daemonic forces. This branch is noted for its utility of unorthodox ways of achieving its goals. The Common tactic Militant practices are deploying distant, disguised agents into distant lands that carefully monitor any developing situations and take action as seen fit or directed. Once a threat as been uncovered, they also act as the sledgehammer of the Order, bringing to bear specialist weapons and units they commandeer under their banner to deal with the countless threats poised to tear the Dominion asunder.

Current Status in Lilith:

Within the last few years, the Inquisition has been working to root out those unfaithful to the order of Her Holy Will, as well as warp and chaos beasts that threatens to burst through the fabric of Warp itself to spill over to this world. They have mostly been operating under the radar, not making their presence too well-known among the citizens of Lilith. 

  • Magos Hanabis of the TechGuard.
    Magos Hanabis of the TechGuard.
  • Enginseer Lichtenstein (formerly Enginseer Taybar) of the TechGuard.
    Enginseer Lichtenstein (formerly Enginseer Taybar) of the TechGuard.
Magos Hanabis of the TechGuard.
Magos Hanabis of the TechGuard.

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